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The Exercises

The Spinal Warm-up:

* Spine Tuning
* Trap Opener
* The Humming Bird

Seated Neck Stretches:

* Sweet Release Neck Stretches

Spinal Stretches:

* The Pointer
* “On Your Mark” Pose aka The Fencer
* The Jack-Knife/Single Knee Tuck

Miscellaneous Stretches:

* The Cat
* Just Hangin'
* Side-Lying Curl
* The Prayer Position

Spinal Strengthening / The Superman Series

* Superman Take-off
* Superman Landing
* Superman in Turbulence
* Sky Diver

Abdominal Toning and Strengthening Exercises:

* Partial Situps
* Rump Crunches
* Cross Crawl Crunches
* Horizontal Bicycle


* The 7 Rules for Proper Lifting


*Eyesight Exercises


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